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Traditional media must integrate with social media - experts

Modern media should adopt all the possibilities and be aware of the limitations that social media create in order to have more efficient communications with the audience, media experts said in Moscow on Thursday.

Russian multimedia news agency RIA Novosti held a special session of the International Future Media Forum titled "Russian and Foreign Media: Past, Present, Future" with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and top media experts taking part in the session.

The participants were discussing how social media can help the traditional media to target their audience with specifically tailored news pick ups for every reader.

One of the top U.S. IT-investors, Esther Dyson of EDventure fund, said that personalized media serve as a filter for users, delivering only news the reader has subscribed to or that his friends have shared.

However, the importance of the news cannot be determined only through social media platforms, said Andrei Sebrant, the marketing director of Russian search engine Yandex.

Sebrant said the Yandex.Blogs application is an example of a blog aggregator that ranks the most read blogs and offers its selection.

Another burning issue within the new media is citizen journalism. As the social networks, micro blogging services and broadcasting web sites gain popularity, user-generated content can report the news faster than traditional sites.

Citizen journalists, however, do not take responsibility for their reports as their aim is not to find the truth, but to express their opinion, Dyson said, adding that such content should be treated very carefully.

In early March blogging and the traditional media was also discussed in Moscow during the annual conference on media business organized by Vedomosti business daily. Then the experts agreed that in the battle of bloggers' speed and media's accuracy the reliability of news wins as a few minutes' delay in waiting for an accurate story means little to the average reader. Readers still demand more reliable and in-depth content than a simple blog.