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24th June 2011: International Future Media Forum

In celebration of its 70th anniversary, the RIA Novosti media holding launches the international Future Media Forum, which will focus on the development of media technology, the impact of new and traditional media on society, and the future of journalism.

Modern information delivery channels, information technology developments, changes in media companies’ economic models, the changing preferences of information consumers – all of these issues contribute to the current and future state of the media landscape. Future Media forum will provide an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand about international and Russian experience in technological development, economics and journalism in the field of media. The forum will also contribute to the modernization of the information society.

The transformation of the foundations of the modern media landscape raises many issues related to media development. Communications technology is changing rapidly. The Internet has created a new public space and tremendous opportunities for information exchange. Globalization combined with the convergence of media platforms and new technologies is having a significant impact on the development of media in society.

Public perception of the daily news is fundamentally changing due to the impact of social media and news aggregators. They introduced fundamentally new media formats and triggered a new phase in media development. The rise of citizen journalism and new information delivery channels are fueling the changes in the media landscape.

The advent of new media has attracted broad attention from investors. The redistribution of financial flows and growing capitalization of new media companies are changing the economic landscape of the media market.

The Russian media industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. Rapid development of digital technology, diversification of formats, expansion in the regions outside major cities, growing investments in media and new projects – all of these are evidence of the enormous growth potential of the Russian media market.

The first international media forum in Moscow will allow participants to become intimately familiar with the trends in the Russian media market, assess the prospects of investment in new and developing projects, and understand the needs of the Russian media business to develop its technological base.

Around 300 participants from Russia, Europe, the Americas, and Asia have been invited.

The heads of the world's leading media, Russian government officials, representatives of professional associations of journalists in Russia and other countries, as well as the world's leading experts in the field of technology and media solutions have been invited to discuss the future of the media market.
Special guests invited to the forum include senior managers from Facebook, Twitter, Google and the founders of the world's largest media resources – such as The Huffington Post and Wikipedia – as well as journalists and well-known researchers in the field of media.

Forum main topics:

Media trends
The role of modern media in political change and revolution
The technological future of modern media
Financial resources of conventional media and new media


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