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RIA Novosti’s Svetlana Mironyuk wins Media of the Future award

Svetlana Mironyuk, editor-in-chief of RIA Novosti, has won the Communication for Future award in the Media of the Future category, which is given to the most efficient media manager working in new media, the internet, and TV.

The prize was awarded at the Communication on Top international forum for leading communications managers held in Davos, Switzerland.

As one forum participant said, the prize was awarded to RIA Novosti in recognition “of its contribution to communications of the future and in particular for giving new life to an old news agency and transforming it into an information leader.”

“This is not so much a prize for me, personally, rather it is the achievement of all RIA Novosti staff who have spent these years working hard to transform an old-fashioned news agency into a modern media company working in all formats on all platforms,” Svetlana Mironyuk said commenting on the award. “I am grateful to my foreign colleagues for this high appraisal of our efforts.”

The Communication on Top forum was held in Davos, Switzerland, on February 17 and 18, shortly after the World Economic Forum. It brought together top communication managers from the world’s leading companies, communication professionals, and people who manage large-scale political and social projects.

The Communication on Top forum is aimed at trend-setters and executives in the financial, political, corporate and marketing communication industry. This year it examined successful on/off-line reputation management; the power of PR impact and its proper advocating before society; reform strategies messaged with communicative integrity; the web-2.0 effect on business and politics; and social media as a marketing tool for successful branding.

This was the first time that the Communication for Future prize was awarded. The forum’s organizers explained that it is granted not merely to honor past achievements but in recognition of an ongoing contribution to communications of the future.

“Every nomination is personal, as we think that individual professionals now have a greater influence on the future of the communications industry than institutions and corporations. We also believe that a new elite, that of the digital era, is developing within the communication industry,” said Yana Dubeykovskaya, the forum’s Corporate, Media and Political Communications Manager.