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RIA Novosti project receives prestigious Internet award

RIA Novosti's Internet project You Are a Reporter was awarded a prestigious Russian Internet award in the category Culture and Mass Communications on Thursday.

"You Are a Reporter is the use of new possibilities because people who were on the scene of an incident can be quicker than journalists," RIA Novosti Deputy Editor-in-Chief Natalya Loseva told a ceremony in Moscow.

The Runet Award, given to websites and organizations for contributions to the Russian-language Internet, has been dubbed "the Internet Oscar."

It has six categories: State and Society, Culture and Mass Communications, Science and Education, Business and Economy, Health and Recreation, as well as Technology and Innovations.

Launched in April, You Are A Reporter is a multimedia project that encourages people who have found themselves witnesses to events that have made the news to post their reports on the website

Over 4,500 reports have been put up so far.