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The RIA Novosti project “You're a Reporter” has been selected by the Russian jury to compete for WSA-Mobile-2010

The Association of Interactive Agencies (AIA) will present the RIA Novosti project “You're a Reporter” ( among other mobile services and applications at the first international mobile content competition WSA-Mobile 2010 (  Over 100 countries will present projects at this prestigious competition.

“You're a Reporter” was selected by the national jury along with five other Russian projects. These and other projects from participating countries will be evaluated by members of the international jury between October 16 and 19. The selected projects will be included in the official list of nominees for the award in November. The awards ceremony for the winners will be held in Abu Dhabi in December 2010.

During the national jury phase, the following six projects were nominated by members of the Association of Interactive Agencies along with market experts and representatives of Russian branches of companies producing mobile devices.

Media & News: “You're a Reporter” (RIA Novosti)

Business & Commerce: Mobile Vending (i-Free)

Government & Participation: GosBook (Institute for Contemporary Development)

Entertainment & Lifestyle: (МТS)

Tourism & Culture: iSocial (platform from i-Free)

Inclusion & Empowerment:  RosGosZatraty (Institute for Contemporary Development)

“The RIA Novosti project “You're a Reporter” has a good chance of winning this prestigious international competition,” says Anna Sverdlova, cofounder of AIA and managing director of Actis Wunderman. “Now that it has been selected by the national jury, “You're a Reporter” will be presented before the gurus of the mobile industry, and we hope that they will see the merits of this interesting project from RIA Novosti.”

The international jury will include legends of the mobile industry, such as Ralph Simon, the founder and chairman emeritus of MEF – Mobile Entertainment Forum (USA); Kei Shimada, a representative of the leading augmented reality developer in the world (Japan) and CEO of Infinita; and Osama Manzar, founder and director of the Digital Empowerment Foundation (India). Anna Sverdlova, AIA cofounder and managing director of Actis Wunderman, will represent Russia on the 20-person jury.

WSA-Mobile 2010 will be presented at the World Summit on the Information Society (, with the support of GAID (The Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development), UNESCO and UNIDO.