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«News in your hand»: RIA News application for Google Android

RIA Novosti has released an application for Google Android which will provide access to the Agency’s full line of qualitative multimedia information in no time.

“We continue to develop our strategy of having a presence with multiple carriers, understanding that the future of news broadcasting will be largely connected to multimedia applications. News is a fickle and perishable product, which is why it needs fast and relevant carriers. And since RIA Novosti intends to continue basing its mobile broadcast services on a multimedia and interactive approach, we will continue to invest in the “news in your hand” strategy,” said Natalia Loseva, First Deputy Head of RIA Novosti’s Integrated News Department.

Loseva said the application offers convenient access to articles in text mode, as well as a wide range of multimedia content: image galleries, infographics, video and audio news. In addition, the user can acquire photographs and infographics directly from the Purchase the Image site from RIA Novosti’s archive at

The application has a comfortable interface, which will be easy for Android smartphone users. It can find an article of interest by the headline and load it in full. Any image with the text can be loaded separately making the article available to read while the image loads. The user can either send the article or add it to a favorites list as a full text.

Users can watch image galleries of high quality in full view mode as a slideshow or manually.

“We have provided convenient access to various aspects of the Agency’s news, taking into account the current variety of Android-based devices,” said Dmitry Priyomov, Head of RIA Novosti’s Department of Mobile Devices Development. Priyomov added that that the developers tried to consider the functional limits of small and simple smart phones and to also take advantage of the capabilities of high-end smartphones.

The application possesses the full spectrum of RIA Novosti’s site sections and will load quickly. The refresh function can be used in both automatic and manual modes. Users are offered many ways to adjust the application to their own needs. The application has been designed to operate on all existing screen resolution options.

RIA Novosti application is now available for free at the Android Market. You can appload the application at

RIA Novosti has announced recently the applications’ release for iPad in Russian and in English. It has also developed the application for iPhone in Russian, English and French as well as for Symbian and currently maintains them.