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Men’s Health

There are a lot of things men don’t like doing. For instance, acknowledging their mistakes in public and talking about their sex life. They don’t like to being ill and going shopping. But we all have to do it sometimes. So there has to be at least one trustworthy person you can talk to. Starting from the first issue published in January 1998, Men’s Health tries to be this person every man can trust no matter where he lives and works, and
how educated he is. We talk about health, sex, relationships, psychology, career, muscles, extreme and travel. Men’s Health is a pragmatic and useful
magazine for men whose life concept is self-perfection. We work in cooperation with experts – doctors, economists, sportsmen, stylists and engineers.


In 2005 it was the first men’s magazine in Russia to be published in both standard and mini format. Both formats have similar content; the only difference is the dimensions. Our rapidly growing circulation and interest of advertisers show that we have chosen the right path. At the “Sales Leader” awards organized by Print Media Distribution Association Men’s Health is a continuous winner in the category “Magazines for men”. Russian Men’s Health magazine was awarded the Best Advertising Performance prize by Rodale company (-founder of the magazine and owner of the publishing license beyond the US) for the outstanding advertisement sales. In the February 2006 Russian Men’s Health got the Best Circulation/Single-Copy Performance prize for the best circulation and sales growth, and it still retains the title of the most successful Men’s Health publication in the world. In 2007 Men’s Health was awarded the “Cover of the Year” prize in a special nomination. In 2009 the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health, Russia Kirill Vishnepolsky was awarded the Men’s Health prize “Editor of the Year – 2009” as the best Editor-in-Chief in the Men’s Health family (which consists of 30 magazines). Our readership is growing every year and numbers 1 379 000 people.