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CITY-FM began broadcasting on February,1 2006 at 87.9 FM

Format: Moscow Info Radio (ALL NEWS 24/7) with news being broadcasted every 15 minutes round-the-clock

News blocks structure: Moscow news, Russian news, world news, weather forecast, detailed Moscow traffic, ecological reports

After news block: opinions of experts and newsmakers, live reports, calls of listeners, etc.

CITY-FM focuses on city news relevant to active citizens aged 30-49 with average and high income.

CITY-FM is the only FM station in Moscow where ALL THAT HAPPENS IN MOSCOW is broadcasted regularly, in accordance with the precise scheme that is clear to the listener.

CITY-FM  has the most modern broadcasting complex in Russia
The transmitter RVR TX 5000-SS/V3, 5 kWt is installed at the 286 meters (transmitting center Balashiha).