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"Lenta.Ru"- one of the most popular online newspapers in Russia. is operating on the market since the autumn of 1999 and since then it has become one of the most well known brands of the Russian online journalism. The website, founded by Anton Nosik, a notable figure in the Russian internet, has begun as an online news media updated 24\7. Since the very beginning has made a stake on the 'hand made' news, outrunning the competition not always by the exclusivity of the content but offering a quick, stylistically neutral and fact faithful presentation of the news stories.

The editorial staff, consisting at the start of the project of no more than twenty journalists, had no intention of reflecting everything that gets to the news worldwide – we've been picking the most important and interesting of it and presenting it in a format most friendly to the readers. Besides catchy and factually accurate headlines, bold emphasis on the essence of the matter, logical text composition, its compact volume and a relevant vivid illustration, among the “format” requirements there has always been a direct story source link. Readership can not only see our news stories but also get to the origin to make up their own mind on what has happened and on how has covered the event or some development.

Stats witness the success of this strategy. has not just dramatically increased the readership but has brought together the stable core of loyal readers. In the spring of 2011 the number of monthly unique visitors was 8,5 millions and up to seventy percent of them got to the website using bookmarks or typing manually into the browser's address bar. According to LiveInternet stat service, average page depth was 6 per visitor.

Since 2004 when Galina Timchenko has become the editor-in-chief of, the website has begun to move toward the format of social and political daily with its own analytical section and an inclination in the choice of topics toward ones that might interest large sections of the public. The news, still written on the basis of the news agencies' reports, newspapers, TV and radio news, and the other sources available via internet, have been accompanied by the comments – the overview mixed with analysis written by our authors. Now daily, besides 180-200 news stories, we publish 10-15 comments corresponding in format with an extensive magazine article.

The range of theme sections has also increased greatly in the past years. The traditional 'Russia', 'World news', 'Incidents', 'Economy' and 'Internet' were joined by three tens of constant and temporary sections, covering the sphere of readership's interest ranging from USA to Germany, Iraq to Georgia, from ad business to autosport, from culture, movies and music to science, hi-tec and weapons. Each of these sections is edited by a highly professional observer, whose stories attract a steady attention of the public. Our website also has special supplements –, and (medicine news). also always keeps in mind its colleagues. To assist professional journalists and all of those generally interested in news, has developed a whole number of special formats. Much in demand and widely popular is the Lentapedia – the online newsmakers encyclopedia being constantly maintained by a small group of authors. All the content of this subdivision of is original and it's based on the widest array of open sources, with its list being attached to every Lentapedia article. “Stories” are taking a significant place among the content of our site. These are the thematically grouped news stories made up of hand-picked news. Finally we have a press-release section where's business partners can get their materials published. uses the illustration capabilities in full. Besides the standard pictures accompanying news items and analytical comments, our website has a staff of photographers and regularly publishes photo galleries, both photojournalistic and thematic. They gather tens to hundreds of thousands of views each. This year we have launched a weekly main news overview. It is presented as a meaningful visualization drawn by a professional artist and provided with and explanation necessary. Also we actively work with the other media formats like video and audio.

In the recent years has been actively developing a dialog with its readership. In 2007 we have launched online conferences – a possibility for our readers to ask the widest array of questions to the experts or public figures and since 2010 we have a forum pages where registered users can discuss our stories and content. Also in 2010 has launched a columns section, 'Offtopic', inviting the reader to discuss the most burning issues of the day. Our twitter titled 'Dear editorial board' is a big success with the social networks users.

Over the past 12 years the team of has grown but not much: the number of journalistic staff working  at the editorial board doesn't exceed sixty people. Despite that is occupying the leading positions in its segment and enjoys a well deserved authority over media market and also has a partnership with such media as 'Deutsche welle', 'Voice of America', 'RFE/RL' and others. is one of the most quotable internet periodical both in blogs and social networks and in professional media.