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Moskovskie Novosti

Moskovskie Novosti - a modern multimedia project coming out in four formats: daily newspaper, the site, iPad-application and a version for mobile phones with announcements of materials and urgent communications that are updated three times a day. Published since March 28, 2011.

Social, political and business newspaper "Moskovskie Novosti" continues the best traditions of the brand "Moscow News", which in 2010 celebrated its 80-year anniversary.

Editorial policy is based on the principles of quality coverage of political and economic problems in the country and the world, developments in business and finance, science and education, culture and medicine, city and sports news. Author's tone and opinion - important elements of the style of the newspaper Moskovskie Novosti. Headline forms of its information are the comments, opinions, analysis, reporting.

Chief Editor: Vladimir Gurevich

Frequency: 5 times a week (Monday - Friday)
Volume - 16 pages, B2 format, full color
Daily circulation of 33,000 copies