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RusBrand, the Association of Branded Goods Manufacturers in Russia, was founded on March 18, 2002 by more than 20 leading consumer goods manufacturers.
RusBrand is the largest association of FMCG manufacturers in Russia uniting 55 Russian and international leading companies. At present RusBrand members have over 240 entities operating in Russia. Their total investments into Russia exceed 12 billion US dollars. RusBrand members created more than 140 000 new jobs in Russia. The total annual turnover of RusBrand members amounts to more than 15 billion US dollars. RusBrand activities are aimed at establishing a constructive dialogue with all market stake holders as well as key state authorities. RusBrand priorities are located in the IPR protection field, promoting competitive media market development, contributing to constructive collaboration between branded goods manufacturers and retailers, supporting the legal and administrative reform, educating both public and decision - makers on the positive value of brands.  To achieve our goals RusBrand has created four Committees: Trade; Media & Advertising; Intellectual Property Rights; Communication & Consumer Relationship.
RusBrand companies share common values and views on brand development and protection in Russia. We all understand the necessity to create an environment of fair and vigorous competition.  RusBrand is a member of the European Brand Association - AIM.